The Wonderful World of Grammar

Grammar is the most essential part of speech. Do you realize how many kinds of words you use in your everyday speech, well here’s an example-

Calcutta (Proper Noun) is on (Preposition) the (Article) Hooghly River (Proper Noun). There Are (Verb) twenty (Adjective) villages around it (pronoun). The Swift (Adverb) flowing (verb) river (Common Noun) and (Conjunction) its tributaries provide livelihood to many. Alas! (Interjection) its value isn’t realized (Tenses). This is happening (Gerund) because of pollution which ought to be (Modal) controlled ………………………etc.

So do you perceive now, the importance of correct arrangement of grammatical words to faultless spoken or written English. Once the concept of the parts of speech gets clear, theory develops into right practice.

Through extensive drill exercises accompanied by explanation and examples, we aim to make this world of grammar more familiar and easy to handle. Grammar is not a fear, and it’s a tool to great discoveries…………..

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