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First of all, a warm welcome to Speakwel !

A question that often boggles the mind of most students is,

We hope our note here would satisfy your doubts and put it to rest.

'Speakwel' the name says it all. During the past two decades, this name has held, almost a sacred significance for all those having load full of capabilities, but lack of confidence. Speakwel is the institution which has rendered continuous dedicated service through ENGLISH SPEAKING COURSES, SPEAKTECH - Group Discussions, Interview Preparatory Course, Educational Workshops and courses structured for Foreign Examinations. Thus, we proudly claim the success in moulding the individuality of career seekers who were doubtful, homemakers who were shy, big bosses who lacked the power instinct, as well as ordinary men, who lacked the courage to become a face in the crowd. Now, we even send people abroad.

With thousands of beneficiaries so far we constantly strive to diversify our activities to meet and satisfy varied needs. Through our Step-in, Elementary, General and Professional English Speaking Courses, we provide the students a firm foundation to build up a solid edifice, that can face all challenges coming its way from the world.

Apart from this we professionally undertake interview preparations covering issues like Body Language, Parlance, Presentations, framing CVs, resumes, conducting Psychological Tests, etc, to help create dynamic individuals of various professional fields. A BUSINESS ENGLISH course in Business correspondence provides an opportunity to correspond with Business Houses independently, so that one can speak and write like his/her boss.  SPEAKWELABROAD caters to the various skills required by anyone who wants to migrate to the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia etc. Through extensive practice handling the IELTS or TOEFL becomes child's play. The LITTLE MASTER English language course is for children, which lays a strong foundation for their future.

Our efforts are framed keeping in mind the basic fact of today's competitive  life underlining. 'English is the first and foremost necessity today,' - just as food or water is, for a comfortable sustenance. Great emphasis is laid on polishing the student's spoken English as knowledge today comes across by the way, and by what, one speaks. We also try to effectively combine, the traditional and the modern approach to the teaching of grammar because, unless the usage is correct, framing of good sentences would be impossible. Besides enriching language, we also provide literary back up for an influential personality. We adopt simple illustrations, debates, discussions, skills, translation etc. to reinforce conceptual grasp. We strive to make learning an enjoyable, educative and interesting experience for the student. We teach you to imagine and organize your thoughts which you often hesitate to express.

Exclusive courses on SOFT SKILLS – a Business English Course for Executive, Managers, Secretary and Computer Operator is offered by the organization.

With English Speaking Institutions mushrooming in every nook and corner, our students build our strength. So if someone still needs to ask
'WHY ONLY SPEAKWEL' we suggest you meet our students to know it better.

To add icing to the cake, we have now introduced more courses like SPEAKWEL1-2-1 a self paced learning course for individuals who would like to like to keep their identity concealed, SPEAKWEL HOME for couples, homemakers, overall GROOMING SESSIONS, LITERARY CAMPS and CONNECTIONS - A STUDENT’S CLUB. That's not all. For your complete benefit, we also provide an extensive library and an audio video laboratory. We take pride in being the first, to bring you the best. The USP being, you just have to meet us for a TAILOR-MADE PROGRAM.

In case you need a complete corporate training package SPEAKWEL is the one stop centre for all that you need. From BUSINESS ENGLISH to CORPORATE Etiquettes we have it all for executives, managers & operators.

Let's face it, each one of us needs to polish English because it's an endless process. Together, we're sure we can make a difference.

So, let us help you to Develop……Language & Personality

All the Best,
Shefali Raj

Shefali Raj is the Directress of Speakwel. She is a postgraduate and has been running this institute for the last 18 years.  Her areas of specialization include organizing Communication Skills, Personality Development, G.D. and Interview Preparation programs. She has contributed as a trainer to various institutions and colleges like PSIT, HBTI (Engineering Colleges), CSJM Kanpur University, Institute of Chartered Accountants and MBA colleges. She has rendered her services to IRDT by organizing orientation programs for teachers of U P Polytechnics. A Corporate Trainer too, she has been a part of corporate training for various industrial houses like Pepsico, Pantaloon, KPS…..

Speakwel is fortunate to be guided by the unbeatable brain of its mentor Mr. Suresh Singh. The man who brought about a revolution in teaching English.

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